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Verticale dance perfomance ' Tanz der Seidenspinner'.

Happy to share that we are currently having a two week residency in Basel. We will be a part of the Verticale dance perfomance ' Tanz der Seidenspinner'. A creation by Tempo di Borea - Vertical dance in Basel. We will perform 11th and 12th june 2022.

Vertical dancers Natasja Bode , Suzanne de Bekker, Ella Sterre Rebekka Gather Live music on cello Mara Miribung

Saturday 11th June: 17:00 Opening ceremony of the Vertical Dance Hub Basel 18:00 "Tanz der Seidenspinner " Vertical dance performance

Sunday the 12th june Safe tree climbing for kids from 2pm with @cube_pyjama 16:00 Vertical Dance Performance- Tanz der Seidenspinner - Einweihungsfeier Vertical Dance Hub Basel Artwork: Adrian Falkner

Costume: Ursina

Pictures captured by: Nikola Ciganovic

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