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Unfolding Multitude Try out 20 dec 2023 @ Het Motorblok Zaandam

WhyNot welcomes you to the vibrant cultural venue Het Motorblok in Zaandam for the pre-premiere of Unfolding Multitude, a co-creation of vertical dance collective Ropes Aligned, visual artist Isabel Cordeiro and sound artist Gemma Luz Bosch in which visual art, vertical dance and ceramic sounds

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Unfolding Multitude Try out 20 dec 2023 @ Het Motorblok Zaandam
Unfolding Multitude Try out 20 dec 2023 @ Het Motorblok Zaandam

Tijd en locatie

20 dec 2023, 20:30 – 21:30

Zaandam, Oostzijde 381, 1508 EP Zaandam, Nederland

Over het evenement

UNFOLDING MULTITUDE - a interdisciplinaryperformance with 2 years of research with vertical dance, visual arts, ceramics, live music & text

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What’s that mass throbbing and humming in the air? An organism of some sort? A shrub, a sea urchin, a swarm of bees?

A multitude. A suspended entanglement of bodies and ropes. They hold each other knotting limbs and hands and heads and armpits and toes and wrists. Softly grappling, they seek support and offer rest to each other. In slow descent the entanglement unravels releasing the bodies, one by one. While drawing the connected ropes —the umbilical cord, the tentacle, the kundalini, the life support— bodies reveal their individuated mission, which unfolds in sound, dance and in the engagement with the surrounding materiality. The intelligence of the multitude is articulated.



Choreography: Ropes Aligned Concept/artwork: Isabel Cordeiro 

Performers: Suzanne de Bekker, Natasja Bode, Carlo Camagni, Isabel Cordeiro, Gemma Luzbosch & Mees Siderius 

Composer/music: Gemma Luz Bosch 

Musician: Mees Siderius 

End direction: Keren Levi 

Artistic advice: Marjolein Vogels 

Light: Marco Chardon 

Sound: Matthijs Ruijter 

Rigging/rope acces: Tim Halussy, Roan Lo-a-Njoe

Production: Gemma Hauptmeijer, Katerina Vershinina 

Catering: Yvette & Rolf Co producing partners: EKWC, Panama Pictures, Space is the Place (SITP), WhyNot, Motorblok Zaandam 

Unfolding Multitude is made with the support of AFK, FPK, van Bylandt Stichting, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds NH, Stichting Stokroos, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie and SITP

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