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Bijgewerkt op: 8 aug. 2022

Ropes Aligned searching for 2 male freerunners.

New Project: ‘Dans naar de Hemel’ a tour in churches through the Netherlands.

Rehearsals week: 36,37,38,39

Montage week 40

Performances in weekends

8 +9 okt

15 + 16 okt

29+30 okt

5+6 nov

(11+ 12 nov) optioneel

Audition: Monday 15 aug 11-13 uur

Het Motorblok Zaandam

( Oostzijde 381)

AANMELDEN via (send cv+video+photo)

Ropes Aligned – Vertical Dance Theater Amsterdam searching for 2 male free runners that take a active part in the creative process in a team. The performance will be 30-40 minutes all together; 2 vertical dancers, organist & live musician. We’re looking for artists with improvisation skills, flexible mindset, open for partnering and interested to fly in a harness.

Ropes Aligned - Vertical Dance Theater Amsterdam aims to promote vertical dance in the Netherlands and beyond. Founders and directors Suzanne de Bekker and Natasja Bode create vertical dance performances for public spaces, using climbing and abseiling techniques. They make works for public spaces in urban environments as well as in nature.

Picture: Nick Chesnaye

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