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News Item - ‘Vertical Dance Hub Basel’

Bijgewerkt op: 22 jul. 2022

Grateful, happy and proud Rebekka Gather and Ella Cocset of Tempo di Bore invited Suzanne and Natasja for a 2 week residency in Basel where we created the performance of ‘Tanz der Seidenspinner’ - inspired by the city’s history of silk ribbon. The performanc is especially created for the official opening of the Vertical Dance Hub Basel at this moment the highest training wall in Europe for vertical dance. It was even more special cause we were dancing on the art work of Adrian Falkner. The performanced was guided with cello music and voice of Mara Miribung.

Ropes Aligned is super proud of our swiss/french collegues Rebekka and Ella that they manage to organise this project. We hope for more collaborations in the future. Ropes Aligned is thankful to dance on there big (new born) baby! We created something really special all together. Thank you @tempo_di_borea_ @vertical_dance_hub_basel_ch for bringing the team together with warm, talented and lovely humans.

Verticalist: Ella Cocset, Rebekka Gather,Natasja Bode,Suzanne de Bekker Music: Mara Miribung Sicherheit: Sandro Sturzenegger Sturzfrei SYYDEBÄNDEL: Adrian Falkner Costume: @ursinaba

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